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  Washington and Beijing have theircentres – and now the first WorldTrade Center in Denmark is readyto open too. As a tenant at a WorldTrade Center you will become apart of an exclusive group withmembers all around the world.


  World Trade Center Ballerup is16,000 m2 modern Business Centerwhere insight and outlook – knowledgeand network go hand inhand. It is designed as a multiuserhouse where both small and big companies can prosper and growand where you can meet newbusiness partners and clients – inand outside Denmark.


  World Trade Center Ballerup hasall the facilities and services youcan expect in a modern BusinessCenter – flexible offices, restaurant,meeting and conference centreand a staffed reception, where youcan always find a helping hand.


  World Trade Center Ballerup iscertified by World Trade CentersAssociation - therefore you areguaranteed that we live up to thehighest standards within officebuilding, facilities and services.


  All included – rightoutside Copenhagen


  World Trade Center Ballerupis located in one of the biggestbusiness areas in Denmark. Youwill find great infrastructure anda central location, which attractmajor Danish and Internationalbusinesses.


  Placed just outside CopenhagenCity centre the sky is the limit.Here you get lots of space and freeaccess to green areas. You avoid theworst queues and rush hour trafficand can always find free parking foryour car right outside the door.


  Comfort and service


  Settle yourself in a house beyond the ordinary where the facilities, amount of services and activities of the house create the best possible setting for the growth and development of your business.


  Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or business dinner in the restaurant, or go for a run in our well-appointed fitness room, where you can work out as often as you want.


  Our staff are present during daytime and help creating the best setting for you, your business and your guests.


  Rent a single workplace, a whole floor - or two.


  We have office solutions, which match any requirement, whether you need a virtual office, a workplace in a shared office, or wish to do out your own entire floor or department. All our solutions have the same high standard and great flexibility in common, and we always start out by defining our current requirements.


  Should you need more or less space after you have moved in, we will find a solution so you can stay in the house.


  Every day you will meet colleagues, business owners, and entrepreneurs with whom you can share experiences by the coffee machine, over lunch, or after fitness.


  Office in the Office Centre - up and running from day one


  If you need a serviced office you can rent one in our Office Centre at the ground floor. You will get full access to fully furnished office places, internet and meeting rooms. We take care of everything from the cleaning to the security - in short you can focus on your core business.


  Conferences in professional surroundings


  The World Trade Center commands modern conference and meeting facilities with room for approx. 150 participants. Furthermore, we provide a great exhibition area, which you can use for exhibitions and sales fairs. All meeting rooms are equipped with wireless Internet and projectors.


  Our reception will receive your guests and the kitchen will see to a good board during the meeting, whether you want breakfast, business lunch or a meeting snack.


  The meeting and conference facilities are available to both the tenants of the house and to companies and others outside the house.


  China Business Center  中国商务中心

  WTC Ballerup is the first WTC center in Denmark.  巴勒鲁普是丹麦的第一个世界贸易中心。

  Ballerup is situated about 20 kilometers from Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. With a location at WTC Ballerup you are not only close to Copenhagen but also to the southern part of Sweden.  巴勒鲁普坐落在离丹麦首都,哥本哈根市中心20公里的地方。在巴勒鲁普里办公,您不仅靠近哥本哈根,而且还临近瑞典的南部。

  Ballerup is number 3 on the list of cities with most workplaces in Denmark.  巴勒鲁普所在的地区是丹麦境内拥有办公楼数目排名第3的的工业园区。

  Chinese Business Center is established as an integrated part of WTC Ballerup. CBC offers a physical environment and services that can be used by Danish and Chinese companies for business and cultural promotion purposes. This involves among others:  中国商务中心是巴勒鲁普的组成部分。中国商务中心可以为中国和丹麦的公司,以及文化推广提供硬件的环境和服务,包括:

  Address and office facilities.  场地和办公设施

  Networking opportunities and sharing of knowledge.  人脉拓展的以及信息共享

  Competence training from local experts.  当地专家提供的技能培训

  Exhibition facilities.  会展设施

  Hotel facilities.  酒店设施

  Accounting Service.  会计服务

  Legal service.  法律咨询服务

  Help with establishment in Denmark  在丹麦成立公司的协助

  5 good reasons to choose WTC  选择巴勒鲁普的5个理由

  Stay in a dynamic house Meet other companies on a daily basis. Get inspired, challenged and get the opportunity to expand your network. Take part in activities and network events.  动态的写字楼:您可以与其他公司每天进行交流,这能够让您能够获得灵感,挑战和机遇来拓展您的人脉,并且参加一些社交活动和聚会。

  International brandUse the acknowledged World Trade Center brand and network throughout the world. Whether you want to find new business partners abroad or get some information on new markets for export.  国际品牌:您如果希望找到新的海外商业伙伴或者得到最新的出口市场信息,您可以使用在世界各地的世界贸易中心的品牌和人脉。

  Effective square metres Share the expenses for the common areas and save money. You will get the best facilities e.g. restaurant, fitness, and meeting facilities regardless of the size of your company.  有效的空间利用:分摊公共空间的花费可以节省您的开支。不论您的公司规模大小,您都将享受最好的硬件设施,包括餐厅,健身房和会议设施。

  Flexible tenancies Stay in the house whether you need to up- or downsize. As tenant you have several opportunities to find a tenancy, which fits your company – also when you requirements change.  灵活的租约:您可以在写字楼里调整您办公室的规模。当您的要求有变时,您可以随时找到最适合您公司的租约。

  Outsource the operation We provide security, cleaning, maintenance of the common areas, and run the restaurant, so you only have to focus on your company.  外包服务:我们提供保安,清洁,餐厅以及公共领域的维护,这样可以让您专注于公司的运营。

  Facilities for all tenants at  WTC Ballerup

  Access 24/7  Staffed reception during daytime Meeting rooms and conference facilities for 150 guests Exhibition area Cafe- and lounge area FitnesscenterRestaurant Take home dinner twice a week Alarm and video surveillance Free parking space Free use of charging stations for electric cars Membership of World Trade Center Club witharrangements, membership discounts etc.

  巴勒鲁普的设施列表  全天24小时,一周7天无休  上班时间的前台接待服务  容纳150个客人的会议厅和配套设施  会展区  咖啡厅和休息室  健身中心  餐厅  一周两次的打包餐点  警报和视频监控  免费停车位  用于电动车的免费充电站  世界贸易中心俱乐部的会员资格,享受活动费和会员费的折扣

   The World Trade Center idea:  We grow trade  世界贸易中心的理念:促进贸易

  World Trade Center Ballerup is much more than a building full of offices. As a tenant you will become a part of an internal and international network, which can help your company in new markets in and outside Denmark.  巴勒鲁普不单是一个写字楼。巴勒鲁普的租户也是其内部和国际关系网的一份子,这能帮助您的公司在丹麦和其他的地区拓展业务。

  The World Trade Centers Association is an independent global organisation, which is actively working for increased cooperation and trade both globally, regionally, and locally. As a tenant at a World Trade Center you are a part of an international network with over 300 centres in more than 100 countries all over the world. In other words: you can take a shortcut to new global markets.  世界贸易中心组织是一个独立的国际组织,它致力于加强发展世界,地区和本土的贸易和合作。作为巴勒鲁普的租户,您是它国际关系网的一份子,简而言之,您能快速进入新兴的国际市场。

  As a member of The World Trade Centers Association we are driven by the idea of actively contributing to the development of your business and growth. Through our trade organisations, international networks, and partners in other World Trade Centres we can help you to get in contact to partners or advisors abroad. At the same time we can help you with favourable prices if you want to rent an office or meeting facilities in other World Trade Centres. Besides that we hold a lot of events, presentations and network arrangements, which can challenge, inspire and entertain you.  作为世界贸易中心组织的一个成员,我们积极为致力于您的业务和发展。通过我们的贸易组织,内部关系网,以及在其他地区的世界贸易中心的合作伙伴,我们能够帮助您联系合作伙伴和海外顾问。同时,我们除了组织各类会议和社交活动,我们也能帮助您在其他地区的世界贸易中心租用到优惠的办公室和会议厅。

  Brand with history and credibility  品牌的历史和信誉

  Ever since the World Trade CentersAssociation was established in New York in 1970 the knowledge and the number of memberships have grown steadily. Today the organisation is one of the most exclusive and acknowledged brands within international trade.  自从1970年,世界贸易中心联合会在纽约成立以来,会员数量逐年在稳步增长。今天,这个组织在国际贸易领域内是独一无二的,并且拥有广泛认可的品牌。

  As a tenant at World Trade Center Ballerup you will automatically become a member of World Trade Center Club and can draw on the credibility and brand of the organisation – which can open doors to new markets of export.  作为巴勒鲁普的租户,您将成为世界贸易中心俱乐部的一员,您可以借助世界贸易中心品牌的知名度来拓展新的出口市场。

  As a member of World Trade Center you can  作为世界贸易中心的成员,您可以:

  Use the World Trade Center brand in your branding  把“巴勒鲁普”用在您自己的商标里

  Draw upon the network and acknowledgement of the brand  借助“巴勒鲁普”的品牌效应和知名度

  Hold your meetings abroad in one of the centres of the organisation  在世界贸易中心组织的国外任何一个成员中心里组织会议

  Participate in conferences, events, and fairs all over the world  参加世界范围的会议和招商洽谈会